Why Choose Clever Devices?

Clever Devices partners with agencies like yours to design solutions for your real-world transit problems. Whether you need an integrated ITS solution all at once or prefer to add technology in phases, we’ve designed our solutions to be modular so that you can build your ITS ecosystem as funding allows. 

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Disruptions happen. React in real-time within CleverCAD.

It happens every day. You publish a schedule, and some service disruption occurs that requires you to adjust it. Sometimes it is something big such as a major weather event, a water main break, or a pandemic. But more often, it’s road congestion or a traffic accident that keeps your vehicles off schedule. While you cannot control these unexpected circumstances, you can control how you react to them.

The Disruption Management Module for CleverCAD reduces the manual nature of the actions taken when a disruption happens and ensures that all systems get updated at the same time. Clever Devices product expert Kaleigh Pizzirusso demonstrates the practical applications for our Disruption Management module within CleverCAD.

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